About Us - ACTIV Brand Management

After years of managing one of the largest sports sponsorship portfolios in the country and witnessing countless brands leaving the sport, sighting a ‘poor return on investment’. Our founder Bec made it her mission to help other brands connect with their fans.

Having worked alongside traditional advertising agencies, who claimed to be ‘experts’, but were really too focused on winning awards, rather results. Bec’s idea was to create a dedicated agency that would not only deliver results, but guarantee sport sponsors a genuine return on investment. An agency comprised of people who were not only creative, innovative and passionate about the fan journey, but who are actually sports fans themselves. An agency centred around results, not fluff.

Our team collectively have decades of event experience across a variety of industries. They come together to form a critical extension to the marketing and events team’s of our clients.

Most of our clients didn’t realise they needed us, until they did.


Rebecca Burns (Bec)

Mum and self confessed sports fan

Favourite Sports: Cycling, Motorsport and Tennis

At school I knew I always wanted to be involved with sport in some way shape or form. Lacking any natural physical talents myself, I was never going to make it as an athlete. The commercialisation of sport always interested me. The power of connecting with fans via a shared passion point is something very unique and fun to work with every day. I love seeing smiles on the faces of fans!

Rhiannon Wallace (Rhi)
Creative Operations Manager

Mum and in-house creative guru

Favourite Sports: Motorsport, Bodybuilding, Strongman, Surfing & Fishing

A good 13 years of my initial career started off in Hospitality and Event Management, as all I wanted to do was work in a face paced, fun and entertaining environment. Venturing off to the Fitness Industry for 6 years, I turned back full circle  to the world of events after working alongside Bec at the Bathurst 1000 in 2015 – and haven’t looked back!

Delving into the creative side of events is definitely something that I am wholeheartedly passionate about. Knowing that the end result of our creative concepts will always be super fun, engaging, unique and rewarding for both the brands and the fans!

Darren Woolford (Dazz)
National Business Development Manager

Dad, sports nut & Kiwi import

Favourite Sports: Soccer, Rugby Union & League, Basketball, surfing & Footy

I am obsessed with sports, & ever since I was a young whipper snapper I have played sport across various codes including in the Central Premier League Soccer in NZ. I have worked in senior roles across hospitality, finance, retail & media but my underlying passion for sports had a firm grip and led me to join the amazing Activ team where I get a lot of satisfaction from helping brands gain deeper connections with their fans at all levels using creative & innovative solutions. I love  sporting industry as a whole, the overall evolution of sports and excited about where it can go in the future.

Stephanie Nguyen-Huynh (Steph)
Operations and Marketing Co-ordinator

Student and self proclaimed cat lady

Favourite Sports: Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai

Having grown up in a large family, I’ve always loved being in the heart of fast paced and high energy environments! Being a part of the ACTIV team has meant that no day is the same, and is constantly presenting opportunities for something new and inspiring. Having worked in hospitality, fin-tech, and retail, I’ve found that I am ultimately passionate about people. Nothing brings me greater satisfaction than seeing the ways in which we can evoke excitement and joy in fans!