WE GET IT… Virtual events and live sport with minimal crowds are just not the same.

Achieving that personal touch seems impossible with low engagement and attendance with online events and crowd-less stadiums.

The sense of brand loyalty, community and belonging with shoppers, sports fans and employees, is practically non-existent.  The bottom line with all of these factors, is falling revenue.

Brand Box is here to turn all of this around! Here’s how…

Connect with your audience via immersive brand experience packs!

Brand Box is the missing link to transform your next virtual event.

The Brand Box experience is:


We work with you to create the perfect custom package for your audience, then take care of it all.

Increase brand impact

Brand impact increases by 30% when two senses are engaged.

Brand impact optimisation

Brand impact soared to 70% when three senses were integrated.

Emotions generated

75% of emotions are generated by scent, and is x100 times more likely to be remembered than touching, seeing or hearing.


What’s in a Brand Box?

A Brand Box is a mixture of hands on and digital sensory experiences, fully customised for your target audience, that are designed to not just engage and excite them, but maintain their attention for longer.


AR & VR experiences
Printed collateral
Personalised notes
Event guides
Live panel experiences


Audio files


Scented merch
Essential oils
Product Samples


Gift Hampers
Food & drink vouchers


Puzzles & challenges
Kids activities
Voting props
Live trivia
Social media comps

Build my Brand Box


Every Brand Box is built completely custom for your brand and your audience. Complete our short questionaire and our team will get back to you, with a free quote.

How does Brand Box apply to you?


 How would you like to ensure your virtual conference delegates, remain completely engaged and immersed in your program?

 What about making employees feel special and part of a great team?

 Our ‘Conference’ Brand Box is custom made, just for you and guaranteed to;


  • Increase content retention

  • Increase attendee engagement

  • Boost satisfaction levels

  • Ensure productivity soars


Don’t let reduced crowds stop you from completely immersing sports fans and key clients in your sports sponsorship asset.

Our ‘Live Sports’ Brand Box is custom made for your brand and your sponsorship asset. It’s guaranteed to;

  • Completely immerse guests in money can’t buy experiences from their homes

  • Utilize all of your sponsorship assets so nothing is left on the table

  • Make those ‘VIP’ clients feel super special

  • Act as a new revenue stream for sporting teams and organisations


With online shopping experiencing unprecedented growth, retailers are struggling to compete on anything other than price alone.

Our ‘Retail’ Brand Box is designed to keep your community engaged from home.

Reward loyal customers to say everything from “Thank you” to “Happy Easter” or “Merry Christmas.” 

  • Boost customer advocacy 

  • Increase offline and online sales opportunities


  • Nurturing key relationships between customers and your brand