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Mass gatherings aren’t just recreational events – they promote healthy social interaction necessary for well being, and are a source of employment for a large number of Australians.

You’ll want to bookmark this one and share it with your staff!

Events are the heart of any community, they bring us together in a meaningful way.

Whether it’s weekly trivia night at the pub or live sports events, we all want the events industry back up and running so that we can start living our lives again.

As an event marketing agency, it’s our responsibility to plan, promote and run safe and successful events.

As Australians, it’s our responsibility to keep our community safe.

Read on for a full guide and checklist to run an engaging and safe event for your brand.

You can access WHO’s official mass gathering guidelines here, and stay up to date with Australian progress here.

1. PLAN According to Official Guidelines

When planning an event, you need to consider your state’s regulations. With any event, there will be risks to mitigate, so choose

1a. Risk Assessment

Conduct a full assessment of your event plan from start to finish. You can use the WHO risk assessment tool, or create your own.

It’s important that this is thorough and easily sharable to all involved.

Consider and identify the following risk factors:

  • Venue/space

  • Duration of event

  • Number of expected attendees

  • High traffic areas

  • Potentially high risk transmission zones

Not sure where to start? Walk yourself through the event as an attendee from start to finish to gain a helpful perspective.

1b. Safety Strategy

Once you’ve compiled your list of risk factors specific to your event, you can list solutions and strategies to mitigate risks.

Consider the following examples:

  • Hand sanitisation stations

  • Control and direct flow of public (clearly mark entry and exit)

  • Abundant safety guideline signage

  • Social distancing floor markings

  • Supply protective equipment where appropriate (gloves, masks etc.)

  • Innovative ideas to prevent contact

  • Increase cleaning staff to sanitise common/high traffic areas

  • Increase security staff to maintain social distancing guidelines

  • Adapt event to contactless activities where possible

  • Require COVIDSafe app to enter

If you’re unsure what’s required by your state, consult the WHO guidelines and resources linked above.

1c. Share important documents with all staff

Your staff and suppliers need to be on the same literal and metaphorical page to reduce as much risk as possible.

  • Convert your risk assessment and safety solutions into one simple document and send to all staff involved.

Whats the best way to share this document? We recommend a PDF that can be easily accessed on any device and referenced when needed throughout the event.

2. PROMOTE Your Event to the Public

People are staying home, and rightly so.

But with mass gathering restrictions easing, how can you promote your safe event in a way that boosts consumer confidence and attendance levels?

2.a Boost consumer confidence

Community members will attend when they perceive enough value at an event.

  • Promote your trained, proficient event staff (check out ACTIV Crew for our amazing staff pool)

  • Advertise your safety strategies

  • Communicate value (design the event for them, not you!)

Have you organised a value-packed, entertainment-driven event? That’s what we do best, chat to our team to see if we would work well together.

2.b Boost attendance and awareness

Your community will promote your event for you if you give them a reason to.

Try these ideas to get the conversation started:

  • Social media teasers

  • Incentivise attendance (competitions, giveaways, exclusive deals)

  • Encourage online engagement (comments, likes, shares)

Image source: PCMA

3. RUN a Safe Event

It’s showtime! Finally, the fun part.

You’ve done all the hard to plan and promote, and the third phase brings it all together.

3a. Train professional event staff

Event staff can make or break events as they are primarily responsible for making sure it runs as planned.

Now more than ever, staff need to be well-informed, trained and prepared for public events.

Are you and your staff prepared to run a safe event?

Here are some things you MUST consider when training your staff:

  • Social distancing standards

  • Protective equipment

  • Sanitary stations

  • Regular sanitation of high traffic areas

  • Temperature checks and other testing

  • COVIDSafe app for contact tracing

It might sound like a lot, but we all need to do our bit to stop the spread. These safety measures will affect the events industry forever.

Specific to your event, your staff must receive:

  • Risk Assessment and Solution Strategy documents

  • Brief staff on-site

  • Relevant and up-to-date safety information

Finding and training quality staff can be a hassle. It can feel like you’re taking a gamble because you never really know what you’re going to get.

We’ve taken the stress out of finding professional, trained, and committed event staff and sourced our own group of talent at ACTIV Crew.

All of our amazing event staff receive a COVIDSafe event safety training to ensure they are prepared and informed, allowing our community to return to the events we all know and love.

Chat to us about booking staff for your next safe event.

3b. Consistent Communication with Attendees

If the safety standards are not maintained throughout the event, all your hard work planning and promoting will be for nothing.

Keep a strong connection with attendees by:

  • Providing clear and abundant signage

  • Discouraging risky behaviour

  • Encouraging safe practice of safety guidelines

  • Providing support

3c. Adapt to Circumstance

Despite detailed preparation, events don’t always go to plan.

Your event manager should be:

  • Monitoring real-time movement of people

  • Implementing corrective action

  • Keeping staff and attendees informed of changes

  • Prioritising safety

That’s everything you need to run a safe, successful event for your community. We specialise in planning, promoting and running successful events from start to finish. We take care of everything from styling to staff.

Want to run a stress-free event for your brand? Send us a message to get started.