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Technology is ever evolving, especially in the midst of the global pandemic, there has been no hitting the snooze button in this space!

Whilst most countries are struggling to keep on top of outbreaks and relying solely on virtual and hybrid events, we are extremely fortunate to be able to get back out there with face to face fan engagement… albeit in that “new normal” kind of way. 

With digital content vastly available at our fingertips and a huge variety of live streaming companies established, we really are spoilt for choice. Whether you’re a sponsor, rights holder, team, or sporting body, what are you adding to the overall fan experience both at home and at event?

First, let’s focus on the latest tech that your brand / team / sport can best leverage, ‘AT EVENT’, that will not only add value to the overall fan experience, but will build advocacy and keep then connected well beyond the event itself.

Why is utilising the latest tech so important? People want new experiences. There are only so many give-aways, photo booths, simulators that constantly do the rounds, then people generally lose interest… the old “been there done that” kind of scenario. The great thing about utilising the latest technology is that it has minimal impact on the environment, which majority of your target demographic are becoming increasingly conscious about. It’s 100% reusable, customisable and now more than ever, economical.

High value activation tactics that guarantee return on your investment!! Sounds good to us, so what exactly does that return look like? Other than brand awareness, here are just some of these tangible results:

  • Data capture – to keep the conversation going long after the event finishes
  • Live score boards – to create and nurture that competitive spirit
  • Social sharing options – to increase your brand reach organically
  • Increase in advocacy – this is a given, if your experience adds value
  • Boost in sales – particularly trackable via online stores etc.

Awesome isn’t it!? I bet you’re now dying to discover what the latest fan experience tech looks like, so, here it is…

Augmented Reality (AR)

From AR scavenger hunts, made famous by Pokemon Go, to print collateral which comes to life, AR has come a long way in the last 12 months.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be on an F1 Pit team to change a tyre, or how about going on a Hot-lap with your favourite driver? With on-site headsets converting to wireless tech and google cardboard facilitating at-home options, VR is a space we are super excited about.

Mixed Reality (MR)

When VR and AR meet to create experiences that are normally reserved for a hollywood movie special effects team!


Perfect for bringing product displays to life when you have limited room, or taking your display to the next level!

Innovative “Photo Booths”

AR Hero mirrors, a great way to give your fans a photo with their favourite atheletes, completly contact and staff free!

Interactive Games

Running Man Interactive Game

Want to know more about how these options work or just interested in finding out costs associated with them?

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