Game Day - ACTIV Brand Management

Game Day! Your team is in action, but is your brand?? Are you making the most of on-site activation opportunities. This might be the first time fans have interacted with your brand, so it’s important to make those first impressions count.

How are you engaging with fans in a face to face environment?

Are you adding value to their day or just adding to the noise? 

Let’s face it, the bulk of the work for any event is in the pre-event planning and preparation to ensure everything runs smoothly. Couple this with knowing exactly what will make your target market stop in their tracks and take notice of your brand, is critical to success, it’s a challenge that the team at ACTIV revel in.



Activation Site Design

Bespoke VR & AR Experiences

Digital Competitions & Insured Promotions

Photo Booths & Green Screens

Sports Simulators, Games and Amusements

Event Crew

Branded Giveaways

Social Media Integration

Post Event Reporting