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With over 70,000 event attendees annually, its was a no brainer for Fitness Institute to be present amongst tens of thousands of fitness fanatics to raise brand awareness and capture qualified leads.

The Brief

Fitness Institute (FI) are a Townsville based on-campus and online RTO. They pump out some of the best personal trainers in the country and came to ACTIV looking for help with their upcoming Arnold Sports Festival exhibition site.

Strangely, FI were the ONLY fitness training organisation at the event so it was important to capitalise on the opportunity in front of a 70,000+ strong crowd.

Objectives included, creating the opportunity to engage 1 on 1 with potential students, growing brand awareness and generating qualified leads for post event follow-up.

That’s where we came in. 

The Result

Our Crew got to creating a super engaging and informative site for Fitness Institute, which featured a simple custom web form on iPads used to capture competition entries and qualify leads.

But how did we draw them in? Simple! Every competition entrant received a FREE In-Body Scan, valued at $40. This value exchange was right on brief for our target market and fully assessed the body composition of every entrant. Definitely not your average set of scales!

  • Over 500 Unique Entries 

  • 61 % of entrants hadn’t heard of the Fitness Institute before

  • 83% of entrants were interested in enrolling in one of their courses.

  • One on-the-spot enrolment!

The In-body Scan process took around 5 minutes per entrant. Whilst this limited the number of entries we could capture, it meant we had a captive audience to engage with whilst getting their scans done. That’s priceless in our books!