Why Delivering Value Through Your Events Is Paramount - ACTIV Brand Management

The reason why activations work so well is because they are an intensive way to deliver a lot of value to customers in the form of a positive, memorable experience.

Once customers have had that meaningful experience, they will shop with you for life.

Though they’re often at the centre of a brand’s event, it’s not all about the customers. There are three parties involved; the customer/consumer/fan, the retailer/brand, and the venue/event/environment.

We often work with brands at the second or third level. For example, we designed a truck activation at the AFLW games for Bob Jane T-Mart, a major sponsor of the Bulldogs.

Fans came away with a fun AR face paint image to post to their socials, a huge discount and quote for their next set of tires, and lots of useful branded freebies.

All three parties got value from our activation.

A successful event makes sure everyone involved benefits, from the attendees to the stakeholders.

Let’s talk about value and what it looks like for each group.

VALUE Customers/Fans

Attendees are the core of your events, and should be your main focus when designing, planning and running your event.

When you design your event, consider why your potential attendees should choose to spend their time, energy and money to join you.

Focus on these key factors for your attendees:

  • Fun

  • Memorable

  • Positive

  • Educational

  • Useful

In your promo material, answer the following questions for them:

  • What will I get from this?

  • Why should I go?

  • Is it worthwhile?

  • Who can I bring?

  • Is it family friendly?

  • How do I get there? (Where do I park?/Can I take public transport?)

  • Can I post about it on social media?

VALUE Retailers/Brands

At this level, retailers and brands are able to directly interact with their existing and potential customer base.

You can see why trade shows and public expos are so popular, and have existed for so long.

Why not create your own event?

It’s all about developing that connection with the brand message and helping attendees identify with it. This connection will ultimately result in sales and word of mouth promotion.

Here are some major benefits for brands and retailers:

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Increase product awareness

  • Communicate brand message

  • Foster customer loyalty/reciprocity

  • Organic growth of network

VALUE Venues/Organisations

Finally, the context of the event itself.

Whether it’s a sports event, a shopping center, or a local council, they all hold large events that require brands and attendees.

Why should they host an event?

  • Build community trust

  • Become a pillar of the community

  • Encourage local business growth

A successful event will create a win-win-win scenario for all three parties.

Considering your next event? Maybe you want to know if it’s even worth it.

Chat to our team to find out.